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The Luther Blount Shellfish
Hatchery & Oyster Restoration Center
at Roger Williams University 
Bristol, Rhode Island
Architect:  James S. Thomas, AIA

A new two-story building with a Green House of approximately 12,000sf located near the dock behind the Science Center. The ground floor contains Boat Storage/Repair, Locker Rooms and Showers, several Offices and Mechanical/Electrical space. Main floors house a large Sea Water Hatchery, Wet Labs, Offices, Meeting Rooms and a Central Observation and Reception area.  The Sea water is tied into existing system supplying the Science Building. 

Fort Wetherill Aquatic Resource Center 
Jamestown, Rhode Island
Architect:  Robinson Green Beretta Corp 

Restoration of three existing former military buildings at Fort Wetherill State Park into an Aquatic Resource Center.  Program included the design of a Sea Water Pump Chamber and Distribution System to serve the Wet Lab that is capable of circulating 200gallons of seawater per minute, Office space, Research Laboratories and small Boat Maintenance Area.

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